Callout to Journalists!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Dear Art Bards, Thank you all for your support and dedication to Art Bar through the years and especially now, during the pandemic. We are enjoying your enthusiasm for keeping our community alive and well. Although we are staying online for the time being, there is still much to look forward to and we hope to have some special surprises for you in the near future🤫. As of right now, Art Bar is looking for a volunteer to publish a short article on our group; what we've been up to, the experiences you've had being part of the community, what you're looking forward to, etc. Interview-style with Margaret or just your general thoughts would be wonderful. We would be very grateful for your contribution and would love to hear your views on "poetry during a pandemic" for insights on how we can meet your needs, either as a poet or a friend of poetry, through all of this.

If you’d like to tackle this, please email our lovely director, Margaret Code, at

All the best and happy writing! Daphne Arlotto Social Media Manager

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